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Most culinary arts schools are found in bigger cities. In Minnesota, that pretty much leaves just the Twin Cities as the one location to start your culinary career. While Duluth and Rochester will offer a few cooking courses, you will most likely need to spend a year in Minneapolis or in some other large city. See other cities.

If you're still not sure that cooking is the right career for you, you can explore other options. You can study business, information technology, liberal arts, engineering, and the list just goes on and on. One smaller field that many creative individuals (especially women) have been attracted to is the field of interior design. Interior designers end up working at small design shops or retailers. While interior design schools are also hard to find, this field can be a fun and rewarding career. See these opportunities.

And there are plenty of other opportunities that don't involve an extended commitment to a big university. Vocational colleges offer career-specific classes that can get you trained to start in an entry-level position in a new field in under one year. These courses are often very affordable and most cities have some type of trade school or technical institute you can get started at. If not, there are also a supply of online vocational schools as well. Explore this

Maybe you are a little tired of the Minnesota winters and you would like to get away for a while? Arizona has been a popular spot for Minnesota students to run off to in order to get a college degree. You don't have the wide choices of colleges in Arizona like you do in the Twin Cities, but you also won't need your winter coat. Explore Arizona

School options in the southeast, specifically in Memphis, Nashville and the rest of Tennessee.
Training program tools and similar job preparation plans via first-rate trade college training.
Culinary arts school in Minnesota along with a couple of extra training options are currently available.
Even more career training options to search for college courses in majors including engineering, business administration, graphic arts, or nursing.

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