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Of course, there are culinary schools in other cities besides the Twin Cities. When most people think of culinary arts schools in the US, they typically think of San Francisco and New York. And you can certainly consider these two cities as well. Living and going to school in New York City or the Bay Area can be exciting, but also very expensive. Explore Bay Area schools.

And California offers such a wide selection of colleges and schools that it can take a while to get through them all, especially if you aren't sure what it is you want to study. Business majors still make up the largest group of any single major field of study in California colleges. Business school isn't for every person, but it is a pretty safe career choice. Explore this idea

But you don't have to look far to find a lot of education options here in the Twin Cities. There are plenty of great colleges either in Minneapolis or St Paul or within a short drive outside of the metro area. One of the growing fields of study is the general area of design. Graphic designers, interior designers, fashion designers are some of the professionals that started with a college design background. Explore this field. While it is much easier to find graphic arts programs at the college level, fashion and interior design is taught at some schools typically located in the bigger cities such as Minneapolis. Fashion and interior design graduates often end up working for retailers as either store designers or buyers. Not all graduates end up designing their own line of clothing or becoming an interior designer to the famous and wealthy. Those are the positions students sometimes see on television, but career reality is somewhat different than that.

Another growing field is criminal justice. Criminal justice schools train students to work in a wide assortment of jobs that can include police officers, federal law enforcement, law office assistants, border guards, private security and bodyguard services. There are education choices ranging from short certificate granting programs up to masters degrees for law enforcement management. Explore more about this field if you think this might be suited for your situation.

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