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If you don't want to commit to (or just can't afford) a full-time culinary arts school, perhaps one of the local Twin Cities vocational schools or community colleges offers some cooking training courses. If you don't have any experience working in a kitchen yet, these classes could help you get your first restaurant job and you can test the waters without spending a lot of money on culinary tuition. Explore this idea.

You could always attend culinary school outside of Minneapolis. Besides the obvious culinary cities of New York, San Francisco, Miami and New Orleans, there are other options. Heading out of the Twin Cities, Milwaukee and Chicago have some good schools, and Ohio has some good choices too. Prospective students tend to overlook the Ohio schools. But Cleveland, Cincinnati and Columbus often offer some decent schools.

Realistically, cooking as a career isn't suited for everybody. You can always pick a different career. One of the most popular and steadiest college major choices is business. Studying business at college is a pretty safe choice. A four-year degree can really get you started in a wide variety of occupations. And if you already have an undergraduate degree in another field, you can still study business at the graduate level. Explore more.

On a different note, there are other great choices out there too. For example, computer animation is a growing field. Animation professionals use computers and software to help build animated pieces for television, film and the internet. If you have the talent and the desire to work in this field, it could end up to be a fun way to make a living. Explore this further.

Minneapolis cooking degrees and also a handful of terrific education and learning choices are available today.
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